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nounfru·ition | \ frü-ˈi-shən  \
Definition of fruition
1: pleasurable use or possession ENJOYMENTthe sweet fruition of an earthly crown— Christopher Marlowe
2a: the state of bearing fruitthe fields needed rain for fruition— Pearl Buck

Fruition has become my new favorite word! There is a time for almost everything to be realized or to come to fruition. When something is supposed to happen, you can feel it! You know that you have to keep pursuing that specific idea or goal because there is just something inside of you that keeps telling you to move forward, this is going to work.

I started writing the title track to my upcoming album, “Love, Peace, and Harmony,” about 7 (2012) years ago. The chorus was there from the beginning, but the melody and the verses have been written and rewritten until about 1 1/2 (2017) years ago. The lyrics to the verses always seemed so forced and never fit with the idea of the song.

So instead of forcing this song and becoming complacent with how it turned out originally, I kept holding it back. Every time that I’d try and write something new, it never really felt quite right. Until one afternoon last year, I was playing this song on the guitar and singing the chorus when the lyrics to the verses just started flashing in my mind like a strobe light! Instantly I knew this was the song! I could feel it! If I had given into my first attempt at writing, “Love, Peace, and Harmony,” I wouldn’t have had the song that I do today.

In his book, Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson describes this concept called, “The Adjacent Possible,” where to get to that final idea, it may seem that you have to open a door into a room of 4 more doors or choices. And then the next door opens up into room of 4 more doors/choices until you finally reach the room you need to be in. Or to put it into a simpler idea, “fruition.” When we continue to work toward a goal or dream or achievement, it will happen in the time that it’s supposed to happen.