Tony M. Music

Tony M. Music is a full time children's music entertainer integrating music, literature, and storytelling into an educational, interactive, and FUN experience! 

A Mother's Song

On January 3, 2019, my mother, Marleen Werner, passed away. After her death (and like any time you deal with a loss), memories came back to me that I hadn’t thought of in many years.

For example, the time in spring when I was in 4th grade, we played wiffle ball in the back yard before school. Or the time we walked 2 miles in the snow from our house to K-Mart to buy some baseball cards. But one of my most favorite memories of my mother, was her singing to me when I was young. I thought that her voice was the most sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. We would lie together in my single bed and she would sing this little song. I never did find out if it was she wrote this or not, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a song from my mother to me. And when she would sing it, the world was a little more peaceful and anything seemed possible.

“Down in the little green valley
down where the buttercups grow
there lives a boy named, Tony
my buddy can go

Skipping across the meadow
chasing a butterfly
climbing up the nearest tree
reaching for the sky

that’s my little boy Tony
he’s my baby boy
that’s my little boy Tony
he’s my pride and joy”