Tony M. Music

Tony M. Music is a full time children's music entertainer integrating music, literature, and storytelling into an educational, interactive, and FUN experience! 

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1. The Happiness Song                          

2. I Love to Be Your Friend

3. What a Wonderful World for You and Me

4. Put Something Good in the World

5. The Beautiful Things

6. Dream Big, Stand Tall

7. You Got to Be You

8. Keep Hope Alive

9. Today

10. I've Got a Dream

11. Hopes and Dreams 


1. Forever My Baby

2. coolest girl

3. unconditional love

4. little star

5. Till the end of time

6. sofie's song

7. a parent's love

8. my baby's having a baby

9. smiling on you

10. Yo-Yo

11. Goodnight Sweetheart