Tony M. Music

Tony M. Music is a full time children's music entertainer integrating music, literature, and storytelling into an educational, interactive, and FUN experience! 

Tony M. Music is President of the PTA at Eagle School Intermediate, volunteers his time to read in classrooms each week, and volunteers his time playing music in his hometown. Tony was an elementary school teacher for 12 years. He taught 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades and worked as a behavioral coach for five years in grades 3rd-5th. Tony has been writing children’s music since 2003. He now performs his original school programs to thousands of children. Along with integrating music, literature, and storytelling, Tony’s programs are educational, interactive, and FUN!

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Just Play    

1-3 hrs

The “Just Play,” show is different from a program, but is still very interactive!

Tony will play an unstructured set of original and cover music for the designated time.

Just play is very popular for PTA meetings, back to school nights, dances, field day, and private events.  

Put Something Good in the World                

45 mins - 1 hr

Program explores 3 ways to make the world a better place:

1. Love yourself

2. Show love and respect to others

3. Put Something Good in the World everyday! Through interactive music, reading/storytelling, Tony encourages students to participate, think, and share their ideas of making the world a better place every day!

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Toddler Tunes      

45 Mins

Tony explores different instruments with students on a more intimate level.

Tony visits each classroom, Pre-K, K, or both, individually. He spends time playing songs with students a teaching them about and allowing them to be hands on with a variety of instruments. * One time visits and monthly visits are available. 


I've Got a Dream  

45 mins - 1 hr

In his program, Tony demonstrates to students how achieving your own goals helps others in this world too!  The program highlights 3 steps to achieving your goal!

1. I’m going to be me!

2. Dream Big, Stand Tall!  Work hard, passion, and commitment.

3. Try Something New!
Through interactive music, reading/storytelling, Tony encourages students to set goals and try their best to follow them every day!

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Take Care of this Big Blue Earth

45 mins - 1hr

Program explores 3 ways to be good to our world:

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

2. Grow your garden!

3. Take care of this big blue earth!
Through interactive music, reading/storytelling, Tony encourages students to think and share their ideas of “Why our world is important” and how we can take care of this world that takes care of us.

Classroom and Educator Workshops
          Students get to explore sound through instruments and                                       discover the science of it all! 

The Science of Sound                                       (K-2 students)

Tony’s “Science of Sound,” workshop is geared for the k-2 classroom. Students explore the science of sound through literature, playing instruments, and making their own instrument. The Science of Sound workshop reaches learners kinesthetically, auditorily, and visually. Science of Sound is a one day workshop. Tony will work directly with one grade level per day.

All materials will be included in the cost of the workshop. All lessons and activities will be provided by Tony M. Music and connect with CCSS in Math and ELA and NXT Gen Standards in science.

                      Tony writing a song with 2nd graders at                                                        Williamsport Elementary.

Song Writing Workshop                               (grades k-8 students)

In the Write Me a Song workshop, Tony works directly with one particular grade level to create an original song.

Write Me as Song, can be condensed into 2 school days or extended for an entire week. All lessons and activities will be provided by Tony M. Music and connect with CCSS in Math and ELA.

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History of the Civil War and Music of the North and South

Bring the history and music of the Civil War to your school today! Adrian Kelley will be your Civil War historian for this program. He is a 5th Grade teacher,Civil War historian and re-enactor, and consultant for the National Park Service.Tony M. Music will share and discuss the music of the civil war.

This program is completely catered to the
needs and requests of the school.
Weather permitting, outside programs are an option as well. This program is aligned with CCSS

                  RESA 8 workshop on integrating music in the                                                                 pre-k classroom  . 

Music in the Pre-school and Kindergarten Classroom (pre-k-k Educators)

Making music a part of your
classroom community everyday!

Tony details the importance of music in 4 different categories:
Music for...
    ~classroom management
    ~academic enhancement
    ~physical stimuli

Integrating music using literature, math, and the arts. Research and data of benefits and importance of music in the classroom.

All lessons, activities, and materials will be provided by Tony M. Music
Program is aligned with CCSS in Math and ELA. Each classroom will receive a digital copy of Tony M. Music’s CD for FREE!!