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Upcoming Shows and Events 2016:


       - 14 Bar Louie, Ashburn, VA 9-12 pm
       - 15 ARC of Washington County,
              Hagerstown, MD (private event)
       - 15 Waterman's Tavern, Edgewater, MD
               9-12 pm
       - 21 BE-Hive, Martinsburg, WV 5:30-6:30
       - 22 Winery at Bull Run, Manassas, VA
               4:30-8:30 pm
       - 22 William Jefferies, Arlington, VA
               10-1:30 am
       - 23 Zephira, Hagerstown, MD 9-12 pm
       - 24 Ragtime, Arlington, VA 10-1 pm
       - 29 Toddler Tunes, Martinsburg Public
               Library, Martinsburg, WV
               10:30-11:30 am
       - 29 Auld Shebeen, Fairfax, VA 10-1am
       - 30 Tasting Room, Reston, VA 8-11 pm

Check out Tony's new promotional video for "Put Something Good in the World."

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Draw'n To Music

Tony is available for school performances k-8!  Check out the link to "School Programs and More!" 

Thank you for visiting the Tony M. Music web page.  This page is dedicated to using music to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small.